Perspective drawing and printmaking

This is an in-depth class about linear perspective drawing combined with intaglio printmaking techniques. Understanding perspective is fundamental to depicting space in a drawing and knowing the rules can be the difference between drawing a believable, realistic space and creating a space that just doesn’t work. Although this class is technically advanced, beginners are welcome to join.

Easy step by step instruction will enable you to learn several techniques to draw environments and objects in perspective to enhance your artwork, or create backgrounds for comics or illustrations. By the end of the class you will fully understand 1,2,3, 4 and 5 point perspective as well as multiple point perspective and be able to play around with them confidently.

Next available date

September 20-27, 2020


Day 1

Guests are expected to arrive in the afternoon after 2 pm. Pick up is in Torre de Passeri where coaches from Rome airports stop (check for coach schedules). If arriving by train, the pick up is at the train station in Torre de Passeri.
Meet and greet all participants a 7:30 pm. A welcome drink awaits you while your tutor Colleen will outline the workshop content by leading a brief introduction to different perspective and printmaking methods which shall be explored during the following 6 days.
After a delicious dinner we will start working on ideas as a preparation for your work for the upcoming class.

Day 2

morning: central or one-point perspective drawing. This type of perspective is typically used for images of roads, railway tracks, hallways or interiors viewed so that the front is directly facing the viewer. We shall work on different shapes and learn how to make calculations to get appropriate, believable perspective. By the end of the morning we will have completed several drawings both real and imaginary.
Afternoon: two point perspective drawing. This type of perspective can be used to draw the same objects as one-point perspective, but rotated. This is the most commonly used construction method, but we shall develop it further learning how to look at objects from above or below.

Day 3

Morning: three-point perspective drawing. It is often used for buildings seen from above or below. It is also called bird eye view or worm eye view depending on where the viewer is. Very useful for understanding foreshortening, from this point onwards we can start really looking at perspective as a means to manipulate the objects around us.
Afternoon: four and five point perspective drawing. These last two forms of perspective are curvilinear used to give a fish eye view of a scene or landscape. We will use it to create very artistic images like what you would see in a crystal ball.

Day 4

Morning: Multiple point perspective drawing. On this day we shall put together everything learned during the last 2 days. This method enables people to make creative use of perspective.
Afternoon: half day excursion to visit Pacentro, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy which also known as the town of towers.

day 5

Learn about creatively using perspective to design surreal images in the style of your tutor Colleen Corradi Brannigan. Add foreshortening to increase the drama in your artwork

day 6

Etching day: after preparing the printing surface by beveling, sandpapering and degreasing, hard ground will be applied and an image can be drawn. The plate will be immersed in acid several times to create tonal values or aerial perspective.

day 7

We will learn how to add tonal values with aquatint, creating more depth and learn about aerial perspective. Time to correct possible mistakes and print a small edition of your artwork.

day 8

After breakfast, it is time to say goodbye, taking home new skills and a memorable experience.

BOOKing your class

We offer a complete package (class, accommodation and meals) for a total cost of € 950.
To secure your place, we request a deposit of € 300 payable via paypal or bank transfer.